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Personal Phone Patches

Since private phone patches cannot be connected on the monitored ICAO allocated frequencies, crew members are requested to advise us in the initial call-up that they wish to make a personal call. A suitable discrete non-aeronautical frequency is then assigned.

Crew members wishing to utilize this service will be assigned a Personal Billing number - or Stockholm Radio Account Number. We will then store the name and credit card number in our system in order to simplify future transactions.

Note: To keep costs to a minimum, crew members will not receive statements for any calls made. Application for a private STORADIO Account Number is simple. Just send us an email at: [email protected] or call us at: +46-86017910 H24). We will promptly return your Account number for future use when calling us for private phone patches. This service is not available for corporate accounts. See: Corporate Account Fees for details.

Propagation - Long-term forecast

What frequency should I use

Using the most appropriate HF radio frequency is crucial when establishing contact with STORADIO. The HF Propagation Forecast will help you choose the most appropriate HF frequency given: the time of day/night, the atmospheric conditions and geographic location, by showing the most suitable HF frequency for communication with us. Choose the chart diagram that is closest to your geographical location. General rules: The higher the sun, the higher the frequency. The lower the sun, the lower the frequency. The longer the distance, the higher the frequency. The shorter the distance the lower the frequency.

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Get forecasts

The Daily Area Predictions (DAP) of communcation frequencies for the present day are based on SWS average maps of the ionosphere.

The Hourly Area Predictions are based on near real time hourly ionospheric map.

HF-Training for Pilots

Forgot how to use the HF-radio or do you need to refresh your skills? We've put together a free guide that you can download to sharpen up your skills on how to communicate via the HF radio.

Where it works

  • General
  • Areas
  • Special conditions
This chart displays STORADIO’s approximate service area that can be expected under fairly normal conditions (see the highlighted eclipsed areas on the map above). Of course, it is possible to establish contact outside this area, but this is very much dependent on: the changing conditions in the ionosphere, the current radio conditions and the pilot’s experience with using HF-radio. We can therefore not guarantee that communications will always be viable with 100% readability and we will not accept any liability for any inconvenience or cost caused thereby.
1/Blue - Normally very good.
2/Yellow - Normally good.
3/Grey - Occasional.
o During night time the frequencies 3494 / 5541 / 8930 mainly cover areas 1, 2 and 3.
o During day time the pilot must use the higher frequencies: 8930 / 11345 / 13342 / 17916 / 23210 in order to cover the same distance.
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How does it work

This guide will help you understand the effects geomagnetic solar conditions and the time of day/year may have on HF communications, so that you can always be sure to get optimal communications when using Stockholmradio HF Radio. You will also be provided with information about services available and how you can register to use them.
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What more does STORADIO offer

STORADIO offers HF radio services for airlines such as

Operational Phone Patches

Phone Patches can connect to any telephone subscriber in the global telephone network through STORADIO.

Operational Message Relay

We relay various types of messages such as: Position Reports, ARR/DEP messages, Re-dispatch /Acceptance messages, etc.

MET Information

As a value-added service, we provide Flight Crews with MET Info with virtually no retrieval delay. Our system carries Actuals and Forecasts for all major stations within our Service Area and beyond.

SELCAL and Radio Checks

SELCAL (Selective Calling) is a system designed to give Flight Crews a possibility to guard a certain frequency without actually having to listen to the audio and the noises an HF radio received normally makes.

Medical Phone Patches

In order to facilitate the decision making of the Pilot In Command in case of a Medical situation on board, we can connect Phone Patches to any of the facilities that are specialized in providing Medical Advice.

Personal Phone Pathes

In order to facilitate crew members placing personal calls, we have arrangements with the major credit cards for easy payment.

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