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As of early April, we welcome Avion Express Malta (ICAO MLH) as a new customer for our HF radio services. 

A company presentation from their web site: :
“Avion Express is the leading narrow-body ACMI and charter operator operating an Airbus A320 family aircraft. Working in the field for over 17 years, we have established a long-term partnership with clients in Europe and are also operating in Africa, Asia-Pacific, South America.

Avion Express is a family member of Avia Solutions Group, a leading aerospace services group with what has become almost 100 offices and production facilities worldwide.”

Avion Express Malta is a sister company to the Lithuanian airline Avion Express (NVD) and has currently a fleet 15 Airbus A320-series aircraft.
The operating base is Malta, but the aircraft are mostly assigned to various ACMI-projects in a variety of countries.