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STORADIO AERO provides the airline market with long-range HF (High Frequency) radio communication services ever since the 1960’s, using remote-controlled, high-powered transmitters and receivers with various directional antennas, all situated in Sweden.

Our HF supports 250+ airline customers and pilots with safe and secure air to ground radio service.

Apart from the HF RADIO services, STORADIO AERO has a H24 & D365 Operations Control Centre (OCC), specialised as a reliable and highly professional outsourced OCC.
We started our OCC SERVICES in 2004 as a complement to the HF RADIO service. STORADIO is a well-established OCC provider on the market, and we offer reliable OCC services and we have a very strong believe in our crew and services.
If your airline is in the start-up phase; when you need to slim your organisation; when you have a tight budget; or whatever your case might be, we will be your business partner and assist you with our services.
Our crew at STORADIO can also support airlines with crew planning, providing both long and short-term planning.
STORADIO works closely with NAVBLUE, SITA, VeeOne and together via our partners we can offer state-of-the-art OCC solutions.

Our history began in the early 20th century, as a part of “Kungliga Telegrafverket”, (The Royal Telecommunication Agency, later “Televerket”). Already in 1902-03, the Swedish RTA and the Swedish Marine started experimenting with radio stations for maritime purposes, and Vaxholm Radio (Stockholm) opened for public traffic in 1914.

This continued to grow, finally leading to an amalgamation of the Swedish coastal radio stations, under one brand and callsign: “Stockholm Radio” or SDJ.

In a royal letter of 1907, all Swedish radio stations were obliged to relay signals from ships in distress, later being formalised so that the Coast Radio Stations also acted as Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre, MRCC.

Today MRCC is handled by JRCC (Joint Rescue Coordination Center, a governmental body also including aerial rescue coordination.

Long-distance HF-radio for different governmental functions also became an integral part of Stockholm Radio. Interesting fact: the HF radio was also used for communication with Swedish UN peace keeping missions, diplomatic missions, Antarctica and Mt Everest expeditions as well as with submarines(!).

In 1967 a project for aeronautical radio started, as a collaboration with SAS (Scandinavian Airlines), and soon also the Swedish airline Transair. With a growing number of transpolar and transatlantic flights radio coverage was essential for safe operations.

This aeronautical radio service took off commercially in 1968 and has since attracted a very large portion of the world’s long-distance airlines, being essentially any airline operating within range of transmission from “Stockholm Radio”.

As a development of radio communication within Televerket Radio, a special unit was set up to explore wireless telephone communication. This unit (“Televerket Mobile”, later “Telia”) grew and attracted much attention. So much that in 1993 the radio part of Televerket was sold off and privatised, the buyer being Viamare Invest.

Viamare continued to develop the HF- and VHF-radio activities and especially the maritime part: for instance a maritime assistance for private boating was set up (branded as “SjöAssistans”).

During this time the aeronautical radio kept growing, and during the Gulf War the radio station had its busiest period with at times more than 600 contacts per day, as a large number of airlines needed to be in close contact with their operational centres.

In 2004 Stockholm Radio started offering airlines Operational Control services. This new service was a success and grew and is today a back-bone of what is branded as STORADIO AERO. A period before that we were known as Aviolinx Communication & Services

The maritime radio (“Stockholmradio”) was in 2010 separated from the aeronautical part of the company and moved to offices in central Stockholm, being a brand under the company NMSS.

In 2018 the Sdiptech group bought the aeronautical radio and OCC. Sdiptech is noted on NASDAQ Stockholm exchange market.

Early in 2020 Sdiptech acquired the maritime radio services back from NMSS, still operating under the brand name Stockholmradio.

Today both brands (STORADIO AERO and Stockholmradio) are part of the company STORADIO AB in Nacka Strand, where it has been located since the late 1980’s.

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Why choose Storadio?

STORADIO provides the airline market with a highly professional and dedicate team that supports you H24/365 days per year. Providing the market with HF, OCC and crew support gives us a solid base and a holistic view over the airline OPS and crew planning world. To be able to support our customers we have five value words that we follow in our day-to-day activities:

  • Passion
  • Professionalism
  • Joy
  • Engagement
  • Believe

For us at STORADIO it is very important that the customer and our employees are in a close business relationship with each other and that STORADIO is seen more than a supplier, we want, and aim, to be a strong partner of our customers development and stability.

Choosing STORADIO also means that you will have a partner that can cut your costs and improve the company efficiency via a streamlined and highly experienced organisation.


Tailor made solutions via STORADIO operations and our aviation partners, Life Link on call, AOC Solution, MHC Aviation, NAVBLUE and Nordic MRO.

STORADIO is not just an Operations Control Centre, Long Range Radio and crewing supplier, we are also proud to work with partners within aviation that we feel can contribute to our portfolio and to the airline’s development and operation.

Within the airline management area, we cooperate with the Swedish firm AOC Solution. This a firm that offers the market with management start up know how, audits, P145 and CAMO expertise and so much more. AOC and STORADIO is a perfect match with its management and operational setup!

For medical assistance we can offer a package with Life Link on Call in Gothenburg, Sweden. They offer H24 Telemedical service, on board kits and education for STORADIO +300 airline customers. It is very important that air borne crew can reach a medical expert quickly, and with the coop between STORADIO and Life Link on Call, the airlines can feel safe with a safe connection.

NAVBLUE and STORADIO can offer the market a “system package”. The smaller airline and the start-up airline that needs a full OCC and Crewing system can via STORADIO get access to NAVBLUES system without paying a full cost, which will save time and money. The airline will just pay per use and STORADIO will support the operations via our OCC and Crewing team.

STORADIO and MHC Aviation can offer its large network a crew providing program thats covers the whole employee phase. All from tests and to documentation to pilots on site.

For maintenance assistance and, within a near future, a maintenance control centre (MCC), STORADIO has joined the swedish maintenance company Nordic MRO. We aim to offer our customers a wide range of suitable partners, and with Nordic MRO we can now offer OCC and MCC 247!

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Worldheritage site Grimeton and STORADIO continues its partnership!

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Client statements

STAR AIR has been an OCC customer at STORADIO since 2005. We have been very satisfied with the product that they offer us, and we experience their staff as highly skilled and very dedicated. STORADIO has been a valued part, not only of our daily operations, but also in the overall development of our operations during the years. I can strongly recommend the OCC services that STORADIO delivers – both to companies in a start-up phase or other already established companies, that need or want to streamline and optimize their OCC.

Jesper SvendsenOperations manager Star Air

As a new airline in European airspace, we were not aware of all requirements nor the process of setting up an HF radio service. The STORADIO team was accommodating and made the process very quick and painless. STORADIO has been an excellent business partner, and we are very pleased with their service and reliability.

Emir RadoncicManager IT Operations Products – System Ops JetBlue Airways

Rwandair has been a long range (HF) customer customer at STORADIO since 2017 and we are very satisfied with the product that they offer us and their staff is very professional, and dedicated so we feel that STARIO is a part of our operations. I can strongly recommend STORADIO HF service to other customers that need a safe and secure air to ground connection.

Tugume HakimCorporate and strategic planning Rwandair

Braathens Regional Airlines, BRA, and STORADIO started crew planning cooperation in 2022. BRA is very satisfied with the STORADIO crew planning team and the service that they support us with. It makes our operations smooth and having crew planning outsourced to STORADIO is a great match. The feeling is that they are a part of the team, and not an outsourced provider, which we put great value into. I can strongly recommend STORADIO crew planning to other airlines that want a stable and reliable provider.

Kenneth NorlingTf Head of Planning, Braathens Regional Airlines

Meet the team


John Bennet

Meet John Bennet, STORADIO CEO.John has a Degree of Bachelor within Management and Economics. He also has an International Aviation Professional degree from the ACI/ICAO international joint program, Airport Management Professional Accreditation Program (AMPAP).John started his aviation career 1992 and has build a strong and solid knowhow of the aviation business. Not only from airlines, but John has also worked for airport groups and with air transport politics in Sweden, Norway and within the EU.

Monica Lindgren

Meet Monica Lindgren, our CFO and a member of the management team.Monica has a long and solid background from finance and accounting. She has worked with Swedish and Norwegian companies and her experience and wise advise contributes to STORADIO stable financial situation.


Andreas Klingmo Operation Control Center (OCC) Manager

Andreas Klingmo is our manager for the operations team at STORADIO. We support our customers with Operations Control Center (OCC), Long Range radio traffic (HF) and Crew Planning. The team consists of highly experienced, professional, and dedicated colleagues that or on site 247 and 365 days per year.Most of the staff have more than +10 years of experience from other airliners, and since the start 1968 we have not missed one single day and the team will continue supporting our 300 customers with an availability that is unique.

Meet The Operations Team

Connected with the OCC team, we can also offer airlines an outsourced and crew planning support team. We are on site H24/365 days per year and we can support airlines with our crewing systems or the airlines own systems.


or on the ground for forecast and much more.

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The offices of Stockholmradio are in beautiful Nacka Strand, slightly east of Stockholm, a 10-minute drive away from the city center.

Don’t be a stranger, contact us! We are here 247!

Email: info@storadio.aero
Phone: +46 (0)8 601 79 00
Address: P.O Box 1242, 131 28 Nacka Strand, Sweden

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