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Since the early 2000’s we provide an outsourced airline operation control center, OCC, and other related support services. The outsource-specialized OCC team has through the years helped many start-up airlines and already established airline to support and operate their OCC. Throughout the years we have built a highly professional team that is on site H24/365 days per year.

Our OCC team can support your airline with flight dispatch, Operational and ATC Flight Plans with active winds, documents, Flight watch and Flight Following, Flight Deck briefing packages with weather and NOTAM by email, H24 Crew Control, Runways slot coordination, Schedule planning, Overflight and landing permits or long term crew planning

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Growing concerns and threat of jamming and spoofing

| HF Radio, News, OCC | Comments
The safety and efficiency of air travel is of utmost importance in the aviation industry. With the growing threat of GNSS jamming and spoofing, advanced technology for navigation and communication…


| HF Radio, News, OCC | Comments
From all of us at STORADIO/Stockholmradio, we want to wish everyone a Happy Women's Day today! Without the brave and pioneering women in aviation, the industry would not be where…

Sunshine story from Mark Rubin, captain at JSX

| HF Radio, News, OCC | Comments
This is a sunshine story from Mark Rubin, former pilot at American Airlines and now JSX Captain E135/145. "From 1996, I was flying the 767 routes to Europe for AA…

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