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The OCC at STORADIO is a H24 Ops Control Center, specialized as an outsourced center. OCC is an acronym for: Operational Control Center. We started our Operational services in 2005 as a complement to the HF RADIO, well-known to the aviation industry for many years.

We are also available as a partner in setting up your own OPS Control Center. We can assist your airline to launch your own OCC, and even perform service audits with recommendations for upgrades or adjusted work routines.

Where ever you are in the development of your airline, we can help to take you even higher!

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We offer a range of OCC Services

Among our services are

Operational and ATC Flight Plans with active winds

From your flight planning system we produce the documents you need

Flight watch and Flight Following

We are used to keeping close look over what you’re a/c are doing, where they are and the status of operation

Flight Deck briefing packages with weather and NOTAM by email

Either your system provides a bundling of documents, or we gather the data and present to crew

H24 Crew Control

Depending on your need we can keep a close eye on who is legal and who is not

Runways slot coordination

We can also coordinate runway slots SCR/SMA for any changes you have in traffic schedules

Schedule planning

Do you have extensive plans and need to optimize your operation? We can upon request also offer other services such as Overflight and landing permits or long term crew planning

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