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STORADIO - Communication in aviation

STORADIO has provided a long range HF radio communication service to aviators since the 1960’s. Using remote-controlled, high-powered transmitters & receivers with various directional antennas, STORADIO is available 24 hours day and 365 days a year.

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Where it works

  • General
  • Areas
  • Special conditions
This chart displays STORADIO’s approximate service area that can be expected under fairly normal conditions (see the highlighted eclipsed areas on the map). Of course, it is possible to establish contact outside this area, but this is very much dependent on: the changing conditions in the ionosphere, the current radio conditions and the pilot’s experience with using HF-radio. We can therefore not guarantee that communications will always be viable with 100% readability and we will not accept any liability for any inconvenience or cost caused thereby.
1/Blue - Normally very good.
2/Yellow - Normally good.
3/Grey - Occasional.
o During night time the frequencies 3494 / 5541 / 8930 mainly cover areas 1, 2 and 3.
o During day time the pilot must use the higher frequencies: 8930 / 11345 / 13342 / 17916 / 23210 in order to cover the same distance.
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What frequency should I use?

Using the most appropriate HF radio frequency is crucial when establishing contact with STORADIO. The HF Propagation Forecast will help you choose the most approriate HF frequency given: the time of day/night, the atmospeheric conditions and geographic location, by showing the most suitable HF frequency for communication with us. Choose the chart diagram that is closest to your geographical location. General rules: -The higher the sun, the higher the frequency. -The lower the sun, the lower the frequency. -The longer the distance, the higher the frequency -The shorter the distance the lower the frequency.


Mobile Application

STORADIO HF RADIO app is maninly designed for pilots and dispatchers. It will help you bring information “up in the air” in order to easier find the right frequency to reach STORADIO. When the app is online it will update with latest information, such as the various Propagation charts; Make sure to update before you go offline. In the app you will also find tactical help.

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