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STORADIO launches OCC training for airline customers.


STORADIO has supported the airline sector with long range radio service, HF, since 1968, and operation control centre service since 2005. During this time, we have built a strong and solid reputation on the market for delivering high quality services and support to many airline customers. Our dedicated team are true believers of what we stand for and we are proud of our deliveries. We know that we make a difference for our customers and now we are well prepared to move into the education sector where we can offer our current clients and new clients OCC training that are tailormade. We have created a new team with experienced trainers and training programmes that we know will be a great support and help for many airlines. With this setup we will deliver a high-quality delivery , on site at our Stockholm office, or on site at the customer facility.  Its all up to customers needs and availability.


As our trainers have a wide experience from airline operations and several support systems, we can therefore customize courses and programs according to the airline needs and knowledge level. And by developing our expertise externally we develop ourselves and our programs, and this gives us a broad basis to stand on, that we can share with the students and airlines.


To find out more about STORADIO OCC training, send a mail to: or give us a call on: +46 76 5113320.