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Is your airline ready to give STORADIO the OCC trust?

STORADIO has provided the airlines with long range radio, HF, service since 1968 and we have 250 airlines signed up for the HF service.

We have also provided the airlines with Operation Control Centre services for many years, and we are very proud of our deliveries and our strong heritage brand.

So, why should you give STORADIO the trust to handle your OCC? We know that is the airlines heart and it just must work 100% 247, that’s why we work with the key words trust and believe!

We at STORADIO have an airlines OCC organisation with OCC manager, team leader, trainers, IT support, finance support, systems from well-known suppliers (NAVBLUE, SITA and VeeOne) that helps us build a strong, flexible, and reliable service delivery that can be trusted.

STORADIO will not just be a supplier of qualified services and systems, we will be a part of your organisation and we will not use the term outsourcing. We are not very found of that term, as we will be your partner and helping hand that will enable the airline to focus on other core areas.

What can we provide?

1.      Full OCC with qualified, dedicated and trained staff.

2.      Experienced team with OCC manager, team leader and IT support.

3.      247 H and 365 days. So your location does not matter.

4.      We have our own trainers that keeps standards and quality high!

5.      We have systems from NAVBLUE, SITA and VeeOne, so you do not need to have your own systems.

6.      We can start/transit your OCC quick and smooth. STORADIO has the experience and knowledge to move fast!

Have a look at to find out more about us and our services. We are just an email or call away 😊.

And, we are so much more than this. We are STORADIO!