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This is a sunshine story from Mark Rubin, former pilot at American Airlines and now JSX Captain E135/145.

”From 1996, I was flying the 767 routes to Europe for AA out of Miami and early on I contacted Stockholm Radio to set up a personal account so I could surprise and advise my wife Shari of my expected arrival to Miami. Easy process but what happened next still has me smiling today. As usual I was able to connect to Stockholm quickly based on the time of day charts for best HF frequency and requested the phone patch to HOME. They was an unusual long delay connecting then finally I said hello to my wife, who was laughing as we connected. We talked for several minutes laughing about using the word ”over”. Later at home, I asked Shari what was so funny when we first connected? Apparently, after her initial surprise at the call, she put the operator through 20 questions to explain how all this worked, and I remembered the Stockholm radio operator was chuckling when he came back to advise me the call was connected and to ”Go Ahead”. Love the service, great people at Stockholm Radio.”

There are more stories like this, and its thanks to our service and staff. Happy to be part of the STORADIO team!