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Awesome Friday news from STORADIO/Stockholmradio!

Virgin Atlantic and STORADIO/Stockholm radio partner up! More and more airlines are joining our HF and OCC service. The fact that GNSS jaming, spoofing and hostile threats are increasing, makes the HF a very relaible air to ground communication source.

We are of cource very happy to welcome Virgin Atlantic on board and next week we will introduce 2 more airlines! So stay tuned :-)!

”Virgin Atlantic are pleased to announce their partnership with STORADIO (Stockholmradio), which will deliver enhanced communication capabilities and resilience to the Virgin Atlantic fleet.

Based in Sweden, STORADIO provide long-range high frequency (HF) radio communication services to the airline market, using remote-controlled, high-powered transmitters and receivers with various directional antennas

Karl Corcoran, Senior Manager – Flight Technical & Efficiency, commented,

We recognise the emerging risks posed by GNSS jamming and spoofing to aircraft communication, navigation, and surveillance systems. Our partnership with STORADO will ensure our pilots, operations and engineering teams will have continuous access to a reliable and stable HF air-to-ground communications network. Virgin Atlantic’s number one priority is the safety and security of our passengers and crew, which is further strengthened through this cooperation with STORADIO.”

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