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Great Friday news from a beautiful and sunny Stockholm – Piaggio Aerospace has joined STORADIO/Stockhomradio HF service! Piaggio Aerospace, a global leader in cutting-edge aviation technology, is renowned for designing, developing, and supporting various aircraft systems and aero engines. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both companies as Piaggio Aerospace expands its reach in business aviation and Defence and Security sectors.

STORADIO is excited to support Piaggio’s future development and welcomes the Italian aviation company on board with enthusiasm! The team at STORADIO takes pride in expanding its HF customer base, achieving a record high of HF calls to the 247 OCC last month. With over 250 airlines worldwide benefiting from their high-quality HF service, STORADIO continues to excel in providing exceptional support to the aviation industry.

To learn more about Piaggio Aerospace, visit: