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Crew planning support. A fairly new function at STORADIO and provider to West Atlantic and Braathens Regional Airlines. More airlines are knocking on our door and soon we will welcome new clients to our crew planning team!

STORADIO has a dedicated crew planning team that is a part of the operations control centre setup and today we support West Atlantic and Braathens with:

  • Plan pilots and cabin crew in an efficient and economical way as to collective agreements, legislation in respective countries as well as flight time regulations.
  • Coordinate planning in cooperation with both our colleagues in the training department as well as the rest of the traffic planning.
  • Ongoing adjustments and requests in the planned roster.
  • Participate in meetings with Flight Operations and colleagues in the Planning Department.In cooperation with Payroll, supply, and control monthly duty information.
  • Assist in any matters arising within the Flight Operation Department.

We see an increased demand within this business area and the team at STRADIO have many years of experience from crew planning and OCC which gives the customer a solid and a safe product. Crew planning is a complex task which needs to be handled with great care and knowledge. We at STORADIO can support your crew planning process with a highly professional team that or onsite H24!