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Welcome to our Operations Control Center. The brain that manages the day-to-day activities of airlines and Star Airs daily operation provider.

The Operations Control Center (OCC) is the brain that manages the day-to-day activities of the airlines. It’s here that the magic happens to ensure that everything runs smoothly. However, sometimes the operation can get disrupted due to unexpected events. These disruptions can cause unacceptable delays and resource shortages. The OCC must be able to provide a coordinated response, in a timely manner, to reduce and recover from operational interruptions and minimize the impact on passenger service.

Since 2005 STORADIO has provided Operations Control Center (OCC) to various airlines. Start-up and already well-established airlines have given their trust to us, and we have proven to be a highly professional and reliable partner. Our OCC team is available H24 365 days per year to support and be that “brain” that manages the daily activities.

At the same time, the OCC is tasked with maintaining performance, and providing quality of service, as well as lowering operational costs. In other words, the OCC is responsible for the execution of a daily schedule, as planned, without busting the budget.

Our main OCC customer is the Danish cargo carrier Star Air. We support their 14 Boing 767 freighters with a full OCC setup, and we coordinate their operation with UPS and DHL operations. We have always had the vision and goal to work very closely with our clients, so we do not see ourselves as a department outside the clients walls, we are a close and dedicated provider of OCC services