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Breaking Boundaries in Aviation! SITA and STORADIO.AERO AB are collaborating to tackle the challenges faced by airlines, as they face pressure to enhance efficiency due to market trends such as staffing shortages, cost increase and sustainability objectives. We’ve entered into a Proof of Concept (PoC) agreement to further enhance the airline flight operations services solution landscape. The upcoming PoC will leverage an adapted version of SITA’s Mission Control platform and STORADIO’s specialized operational expertise to demonstrate the power of enhanced communications and information exchange between the OCC service provider (STORADIO) and its customers.

Benjamin Hamel, Head of Community Business Services at SITA, expressed his enthusiasm for this PoC as ”we are excited to work alongside STORADIO, a well-established player in the airline operation services domain, to demonstrate the value of SITA’s technology in the context of flight operations as a service business model”. STORADIO’s CEO, John Bennet added “both SITA and STORADIO are well known for their high quality and professional services. We at STORADIO are therefore extremely pleased with this new PoC, that we have a strong believe in, and we are very confident that airlines will see the benefits of this enhanced service”.

This collaboration isn’t just about technology; it’s about reshaping the future of airline operations. Stay tuned as we embark on this transformative journey together!